Obamacare Alaska

The Obamacare Alaska state exchange is run by the federal government. This is because Alaska’s government has opted out of the expansion of Medicaid. They have also decided to let the Federal government run the Obamacare Alaska state exchange. Obamacare for Alaska residents can be found at Healthcare.gov.

Obamacare Alaska

The Alaska healthcare exchange is simply a store where you can buy health insurance. 85% of Americans already have insurance, and have little need for the healthcare exchange (other than to shop for a cheaper plan). 15% of Americans don’t have insurance. These are the ones who really need to use the healthcare exchange to get coverage.

How Do I Sign Up For Obamacare In Alaska

How do I sign up for Obamacare in Alaska?

You can get healthcare on the Obamacare Alaska state exchange 3 ways:

Calling 800-318-2596 (TTY: 1-855-889-4325) is the phone number for individual Obamacare help. Small business can call 800-706-7893 (800-706-7915). You can go Find Local Obamacare help here.

Open enrollment begins October 1st of each year. Healthcare coverage begins January 1st. You must apply for healthcare via open enrollment by March 31st. You must have health coverage or pay a penalty due to the Individual Mandate. By applying for coverage, you will find out if you qualify for:

  • Medicaid
  • Subsidized Private Plan
  • Cheaper Private Plan than you will find on your own (due to the pool of people making health insurance cheaper)

Obamacare For Alaska Residents

Obamacare for Alaska residents can be bought at Healthcare.gov. You can go there to see what plans you qualify for, and how much they cost. Only 15% of the population needs to buy health insurance. The rest already have coverage.

According to the Alaska Dispatch, Obamacare aims to provide 21 percent of Alaska residents with healthcare. This equates to 139, 422 Alaskan residents getting Obamacare.

Obamacare Alaska Rates

Obamacare Alaska rates vary by the same factors that exist in most states. In Alaska, the rate you pay for health insurance varies by:

  • your age
  • where you live
  • if you smoke
  • your income
  • If you are 100% above the poverty line: ($29, 440)
  • If you are below 400% the poverty line ($117, 760)

Federal tax credits will help people with low to mid incomes pay for heath insurance. Obamacare Alaska tax credits are the same as in other states. The only difference is how the poverty level is defined in each state. Here are a few examples:

  • A family of 4 making around $29,440 should pay around $600 a year for health insurance (2% of income).
  • A married couple making $29,440 (right at the poverty line) will pay $1200 a year (around 4% of income).
  • A single person making $28,700 will have to pay 6.3%, or $1800/year.

Medicaid Expansion In Alaska

So far, the Medicaid Expansion in Alaska is not going to occur. This means that less Alaskan residents will get health insurance. The Federal government is willing to foot the bill. But, Governor Parnell is worried about the long term costs.

Over time, the Federal government will shift more of the Medicaid costs to Alaska. Governor Parnell has said that the Legislature is not going to expand Medicaid in Alaska. Also, Gov. Parnell announced that: Alaska Won’t Fund A Health Insurance Exchange.